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[Friday, January 11th, 2019]: The Winds of Change
How sublime it is to experience personal growth, to glean patience and perspective from years of oversight while embracing the need for a shift in direction. There was a time when I demonstrated a glaring disinterest in balance and gameplay; a time since left behind by some of my offerings at Random Select. But, despite characters such as Gyeron and Hauzer speaking to a leap in prowess, they were nothing more than a taste of an eventual (and rather inevitable) rejuvenation.

Ushering in this surge of reinvention is none other than the aristocratic outcast who seeks to supplant the mayor of Gotham City, one of Batman's archenemies: Mr. Oswald Cobblepot (as known as The Penguin). The rundown of this affair has been catered in all the ordinary locales. Check back for probable headway in the coming weeks. Happy New Year!

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