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[Monday, May 28th, 2018]: Stage Rectification - Part 1
Back in February, I inquired of the potentiality for an exacting method of calculating accurate delta values in the utilization of Mugen stage conversion. In fact, one might say it's the good fortune of many that I considered the approximation of background depth to be an act of ridiculous inadequacy. So, with ArtMoney having yet to furnish the sort of returns I crave, I've concocted a simple workaround derived from the logic layed out in VIB's parallax tutorial. An instructional file detailing the ease and niceties of this procedure is available in the resources section above. Though needless to say, a fistful of stages boasting a newfound lease on life await your seal of approval.


What am I looking at, you ask? That, my friends, is your benefit of the doubt, your gob of reassurance, your unquestionable evidence that what lies ahead will echo the obligatory attention to quality you now have before you. I've an extensive itinerary of forthcoming projects and releases (all of which I intend on seeing through to completion). I'm with you for the long haul, folks, so stay tuned!

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