"Eternal Anomaly" contains files based on material copyrighted by Nintendo, Capcom, SNK, etc. I don't assume ownership of any source game, character or likeness from which my work is derived. Everything that is available on this site is strictly fan art, and is in no way whatsoever intended to compete with said commercial counterparts. All rights are reserved to their respective companies.

Contents of this domain are offered free of charge. Nothing I convert is packaged, rented out or sold in any manner. Although it goes without saying, I don't condone the sale of my work, so please refrain from doing so.

All files downloaded from this site are provided "AS-IS" with no absolute guarantee of performance. In other words, I'm not responsible for any damage (however unlikely) resulting from the use or misuse of my creations. Play at your own risk.

As far as community-related actions are concerned, here's my stipulations:

You May
  • freely modify, distribute, host or "warehouse" anything I've created.
  • utilize any code, sprites or sounds without express consent (though it would be appreciated).
  • report news of my releases on forums which I'm inactive or unregistered.
You May Not
  • take credit for anything I've converted.
  • modify, distribute, host or "warehouse" hosted files (unless given permission by the author of the file(s) in question).
  • directly link to the archives and/or images on this site, so please have the courtesy to upload them to your own server.
  • report news of my releases on forums which I'm active (Infinity Mugen Team, The Mugen Fighters Guild & Mugen Free For All, for example)

Remember, Mugen works are made public out of the kindness of my heart. I owe nothing to anyone. Creating anything for the Mugen engine takes time: countless hours of ripping, coding, trial and error, etc. Abiding by these simple terms affords everyone the opportunity to continue enjoying the fruits of my toil. That said, you may proceed to the main page of this site by clicking enter below.