Eternal Anomaly
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About Me

Real Name: Stephen
Age: Thirty-Six
Birthplace: Allentown, PA
Hobbies: Drawing, Hiking, Listening to Music, Videogames, & Mugen Creation
Other Interests: Sci-Fi, Mythology, Entomology & Freshwater Biology
Color: Green
Holiday: Christmas
Getaway: The Beach
Pastime: Bowling
Foods: Spaghetti, Cheese & Mushrooms
Television Series: Married with Children
Film Series: The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Miscellaneous Videogame Series: Resident Evil
Science Fiction Flicks: Gamera, Godzilla & Pacific Rim
Nostalgic Games: Dig Dug, Pac-Man & Super Mario Bros
Fighting Game Series: Guilty Gear, KOF, MvC & Streetfighter
Musicians/Music: Breathe, Synthpop & Ballads (esp. 80's-90's)
Memorable Trips: Cape May & The Outer Banks
Most Important In My Life: 1) God 2) My Family
Dislikes: Heights & Atheism